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[ubuntu] Need bootstrap DHT node address to dot download Ubuntu release using torrent.

Greetings, I am running Ubuntu 22.04-1 and want to upgrade to 22.10.
[ edit: please remove/ignore “dot” from title ]
I downloaded the .torrent file as usual.
I use rtorrent and filled in the new .rc

The torrent download is running very slow and I am getting only one peer –
(org-name: Canonical Group Limited)

So, I tried to enable DHT.
BUT, i appears that I need an address of a DHT node (mirror) to use.

error log:
1669194384 I 99C82BB73505A3C0B453F9FA0E881D6E5A32A0C1->tracker_list: failed to connect to tracker (url:dht:// msg:No DHT nodes available for peer search.)

Any suggestions??

Thanks in advance!!