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Ultenic Early Black Friday Deals 2022 (Discount Coupons)

Black Friday 2022 is coming soon. If you are impatient and are already looking for hot deals on home appliances, we have some good news. The Ultenic brand has prepared (Early) Black Friday Deals. At the Ultenic Early Black Friday Deals 2022, you will find Ultenic’s top home appliances with discount coupons. Don’t wait, choose your home helper and use the discount coupon, it’s simple. Of course, all the devices we have selected can be found on


Ultenic Early Black Friday Deals 2022 (Discount Coupons)

As on Prime Day 2022, Ultenic started the festival shopping quite early. So before the real Black Friday starts, you can now take advantage of discount coupons and buy the necessary equipment at attractive prices. The Ultenic brand has many devices in its portfolio, from self-driving vacuum cleaning and mopping robots to handheld cordless vacuum cleaners. Even in their offer, you will find air fryers. If you are looking for any of the above-mentioned devices, you cannot pass by these deals.

Ultenic (Early) Black Friday Deals 2022

Ultenic DS5 Pro Black Friday Deals

Ultenic D5S Pro is a 2-in-1 vacuuming and mopping robot. It has advanced functions that will allow you, and above all him, to keep your space clean. Ultenic D5S Pro has similar smart features to Ultenic T10, including carpet detection, No-Go zones with boundary strips, voice control (Alexa & Google Assistant), and app control. More on the offer. Now, this little buddy is available on Amazon for $169 (save $130) after the coupon: ULTD5PBF.

Ultenic U10 Pro Black Friday 2022

However, if you need a handheld vertical vacuum cleaner then you have two interesting options. The first is Ultenic U10 Pro. Is a cordless vacuum cleaner that supports 30KPa powerful suction. In addition, it is handy and offers 5-layer filtration for cleaner air. Besides, it has a modern and stylish design. It goes well for hard floors, carpets, and homes with pets. And most importantly, it now costs only $119 (Save $30) on Amazon after coupon: ULTU10PBF

The second option is for people who are looking for a cordless vertical vacuum cleaner with a mopping option. We mean the Ultenic AC1 wet and dry cordless vacuum cleaner. It has been equipped with two containers for clean and dirty water. AC1 is equipped with two tanks for clean and dirty water. It also has a large LED display and supports 4 cleaning modes. Besides, it was equipped with a 3-in-1 self-cleaning station. Now Ultenic AC1 you will buy for $299 (Save $80) after the discount coupon: ULTAC1BF.

Ultenic K10 Smart Air Fryer Review

And finally, we have a device that facilitates the preparation of meals – the Utenic K10 air fryer. We had the opportunity to test the Ultenic K10 so we encourage you to read our K10 smart air fryer review. If you are looking for an air fryer with good value for money then pay attention to the Ultenic K10. The more so that now the K10 air fryer is available for $79 (Save $30) after coupon code: ULTK10BF. *By the way, do not forget to add the coupons provided in the offers to get a low price.

If your budget is tight at the moment, or you are concerned that you will not be able to make a purchase by Black Friday 2022, we have good news. Ultenic announced that prices will remain the same on Black Friday. There is nothing else we can do but wish you a successful shopping experience.