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Unable to change time zone in my laptop.

Unable to change computer time zone

Hi DysonR,

I’m Louie, a Microsoft Community member and a fellow Windows 10 user like you. Hope you’re doing well and safe there.

Please follow these steps to fix the issue:

1. Type in ‘cmd’ in search box. You’ll see Command Prompt listed. Right-click and select Run as Administrator.

2. Type ‘tzutil /l’ to see a list of all time zones. Once you find your time zone, copy the description that is on the second line.


(UTC-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada)

Central Standard Time <—- copy

3. Type ‘tzutil /s “(paste the time zone here)”


tzutil /s “Central Standard Time” (make sure to include the quotations) then press ENTER.

4. Exit the Command Prompt and verify that the Timezone is correct.

You can also try the steps provided on this link:…

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Hope this helps.