Earlier this year, I decided to upgrade my DSLR that I use for all the reviews and at all the events that I attend for AndroidHeadlines. I decided to grab the Sony Alpha ZV-E10, I’ve always loved the pictures that Sony cameras put out, and I wanted something lighter and smaller for my backpack. And since then, I have not been disappointed by how great this camera is. And it works with all of Sony’s great E-Mount lenses.

This camera is somewhat inexpensive compared to some other Sony cameras, but it’s still not cheap, until today. Now you can pick up the Sony ZV-E10 for $598 as just the body, or bundle it with the 16-50mm kit lens for $698. Both options are $100 off today. That does represent an all-time low for this camera so far.

Sony ZV-E10 Mirrorless Camera – Amazon

The Sony ZV-E10 is the perfect camera for content creators. While I have been taking photos of phones, tablets, laptops and loads of other things for well over 10 years now, I wouldn’t necessarily say I’m a pro photographer. So having features like the ability to automatically blur the background, is a pretty big deal. Sony also has included a flip-out screen, instead of a flip-up screen like most of its a-series has. This makes this camera a lot better for vlogging, as you can fit yourself in the frame much easier.

Sony has equipped the ZV-E10 with a 24.2-megapixel APS-C Exmor CMOS Sensor, which is an incredible sensor. I’ve not really come up with any bad photos with this camera, and I’ve taken it to Korea, for Samsung’s Unpacked event back in July. It’s also one of the smaller mirrorless cameras that is able to record in 4K. And it can do so without overheating. So that’s definitely good to see here.

As mentioned already, this camera does work with any Sony E-Mount lens, which there are hundreds of already. Not only from Sony, but also Sigma, Rokinson and a few other brands. I’d recommend the Sigma 35mm f/1.4 lens, if you really want some creamy depth of field.

It’s unclear how long this sale will last, but we do know that it will not drop any further on Black Friday, so now is a good time to buy.

Sony ZV-E10 Mirrorless Camera – Amazon

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