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Upgraded from 20.04 to 22.04.1 – gave up and did a fresh install !! Problems ???

Hi every one.

I was shocked at just how buggy 22.04.1 LTS jammy is! Never before have I had any issues with updating the various O/S updates.

But I have been shocked, but in a way also a benefit to my health as I suffer from teh black dog and this has given me something to get into and all weFile Upload Manager

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ek I have been in a good place

Right lets move on.

So far I have tried to install 22.04.1 17 times !!
and finally I have it rock solid on my computer. (altho I have not tried a few programs that exasperated previous installs.)

I could not get my old epson sx400 printer to print, altho it says it did, and none of the advice I had found would cure it, also unable to install Nvidia drivers, both common faults it seams.

But the most annoying thing was when software centre, Chromium & Firefox would disappear along with several other things that should be there. Also found when using R-Linux to recover files from an old harddrive and it would crash and lock up ubuntu.

I have 1 remaining error on bootup, that when I type it into google comes up with nothing found. (I have attached a pic of the issue) the computer hangs here for around 30 seconds before continuing.

On the final install I noticed that firefox,chromium software centre had again disappeared, (this time i was installing software from the software centre when it just disappeared) also the screen went into some low resolution that it was hard to do anything.

So in a fit of anger I deleted Cups and all the things around it.

Rebooted the computer and apart from the error in the pic Attached, went straight into 22.04.01, but now I still could not get onto the internet ?

So got me kindle and found out how to install firefox using Terminal !

Which went smoothly and after a reboot Firefox was back

Ok so I reinstalled all the software that was missing, plus the Nvidia drivers ((TIP) (Ignore the 515 drivers they are very buggy and kept bombing out!) I used instead the 520 drivers and ever since graphics have become non jerky, freezing and rock solid..)

Also I found out that installing manually using Terminal often got later versions of the software

At the moment am happy with the stability of 22.04.01, but it’s been a lot of work, even more so as altho I have been using Ubuntu since version 9, I have not had to delve into things too deeply.

Now just the error in teh pic attached if anyone can help – that would be the icing on the cake. (not bothered with the last line altho I do not have a clue, but I do not think it is an issue.