veracrypt partition GONE

good enough we could simply indicate i know how tough aes-256 is: its unbreakable… with 3x symmetric crypto algorithms in a cascade it supplies silly quantities of safety. im completely acutely aware of this truth, if a unmarried byte of off of my keyfiles (i’ve copies) and a unmarried little bit of my password is off come hell or prime water or the universe cooling that power is probably not decrypted ever…..

I’ve used truecrypt for the simpler a part of 10 years and not had this factor sooner than. I concern the knowledge is cryptoshredded aka in reality in reality long past.

so here’s the difficulty:

i wrote a 8 tb veracrypt quantity its a seagate exterior desktop power. Makes use of it for years works advantageous its dependable no problems. Within the means of safety upgrades of upgrading my machine from truecrypt into veracrypt.
make a veracrypt complete disk symbol(temp garage): accomplished
mount truecrypt and replica information to temp garage in veracrypt: accomplished
deleted truecrypt quantity and written over with veracrypt quantity: accomplished
unmounted disk and remounted disk to validate the password works / keyfiles paintings: luck
copied information from veracrypt temp to seagate veracrypt: accomplished
unmounted disk and remounted disk to validate the password works / keyfiles paintings: luck
moved information from temp garage into new veracrypt complete disk symbol: accomplished
unmounted veracrypt symbol and examined if i may remount: failure

veracrypt handiest sees /dev/sde whilst the picture is written to /dev/sde1 the place did it cross?

Drawback: (*8*)

VeraCrypt quantity can’t be fixed; VeraCrypt reviews “Unsuitable password or no longer a VeraCrypt quantity“.

Imaginable Motive: (*8*)

The amount header can have been broken through a third-party application or malfunctioning {hardware} part.

Imaginable Answers: (*8*)


  • You’ll be able to attempt to repair the amount header from the backup embedded within the quantity through following those steps:
    1. Run VeraCrypt.
    2. Click on Choose Tool or Choose Document to make a choice your quantity.
    3. Choose Gear > Repair Quantity Header.

  • gave error was once no longer a legitimate quantity so i will suppose this implies its {hardware} this is failing???? the knowledge was once in reality gradual writing however thats customary.

    i triple checked password its right kind / i checked hash auto detection and set to handbook it was once right kind / i triple checked keyfiles for any problems and it was once right kind

    to try to debug i attempted to backup the amount headers and were given the dangerous password or no longer a legitimate quantity error. The amount is encrypted however is lacking sde1 partition mounting level.

    so i dominated out passwords and keyfiles it’s right kind. i then checked on any other laptop and were given all an identical conduct.

    veracrypt cant mount what does no longer exist. so the place did /dev/sde1 cross?

    so as to add insult to damage i used to be within the procedure of constructing a backup of the knowledge.