Model 20H2 set up

(*6*)(*2*)(*5*)(*(*10*)*) (*3*)

Settings activates me to put in Home windows 10 Model 20H2, on the other hand, it will get caught at 61% put in. Famous this can be a downside for over 6 months now. What is the resolution?

(*4*)99% of disasters on the 60% or 85% are because of corruption, MS has a suite coverage on Blank Repair Well being. the very first thing to run is at all times SFC /scannow….
here’s a pattern of a Repair Well being
Dism /On-line /Cleanup-Symbol /ScanHealth

Dism /On-line /Cleanup-Symbol /CheckHealth

Dism /On-line /Cleanup-Symbol /RestoreHealth

Now practice the following steps:

(*10*). Mount the .ISO report via double clicking on it.

2. Open ‘Home windows Powershell’ or ‘Command Suggested’ with Admin privileges (correct click on -> Run as Administrator)

3. Let’s take a look at the Gadget Well being first, via operating those instructions:

dism /on-line /cleanup-image /scanhealth

dism /on-line /cleanup-image /checkhealth

dism /on-line /cleanup-image /restorehealth

sfc /scannow

4. I am certain that 3.3 offers you an error mentioning that it would now not carry out the duty. And now it is when the fastened
ISO comes into play. Let’s specify the report from the ISO in order that we will repair it. Run the next command:
(Realize that X will have to be the force letter on which your machine has fastened the ISO)

4.(*10*) DISM /On-line /Cleanup-Symbol /RestoreHealth /supply:WIM:E:ESD-ProInstall.wim:(*10*) /LimitAccess

DISM /On-line /Cleanup-Symbol /RestoreHealth /supply:WIM:N:sourcesInstall.wim:(*10*) /LimitAccess

4.2 Dism /On-line /Cleanup-Symbol /RestoreHealth /Supply:O:sourcesinstall.esd /LimitAccess
5. Now let’s restore any injury within the machine information, lets?

5.(*10*) sfc /scannow

findstr /c:””%windirpercentLogsCBSCBS.log >”%userprofilepercentDesktopsfcdetails.txt”

Rename the Home windows Replace elements folder.
internet prevent wuauserv

internet prevent cryptSvc

internet prevent bits

internet prevent msiserver

ren C:WindowsSoftwareDistribution SoftwareDistribution.outdated
del /s /q c:windowsSoftwareDistribution.outdated

internet get started wuauserv

internet get started cryptSvc

internet get started bits

internet get started msiserver
> a) From Get started display, sort cmd. From the effects, right-click on Command Suggested and make a selection Run as an Administrator.
> b) Sort “internet prevent wuauserv” and press Input.
> c) Sort “rename c:windowsSoftwareDistribution softwaredistribution.outdated” and press input.
d) del /s c:windowsSoftwareDistribution.outdated /q del /(y/n y=sure n=no)
e) y=sure n=n0
> f) Sort “internet get started wuauserv”and press input.

internet prevent cryptsvc

md %systemrootpercentsystem32catroot2.bak

xcopy %systemrootpercentsystem32catroot2 %systemrootpercentsystem32catroot2.bak /s
internet get started cryptsvc
md %systemrootpercentsystem32catroot2.bak

xcopy %systemrootpercentsystem32catroot2 %systemrootpercentsystem32catroot2.bak /s
internet get started cryptsvc