Wall-Mounted Ground Station Tames Unruly SatNOGS Node

(*13*)For many of us, ad hoc tasks after all finally end up having a certain permanence to them. Recall to mind the collection of Raspberry Pis and RTL-SDRs which could be merely dangling from a USB cable beneath a desk or crammed behind a practice, quietly going about their business. If it ain’t broke, don’t restore it.(*11*)
(*13*)Some tasks, even supposing, merely after all finally end up accreting earlier the precise stage. This wall-mounted SatNOGS floor station is a great example of what happens when one factor will have to be completed in regards to the mess. The pile of stuff that (*7*) had cobbled together over time for his floor station sought after tidying, so he laid fingers on a brand spanking new Pi (*14*) and a fab enclosure/breadboard known as a Stegoboard. That is just a piece of acrylic with various holes laid out to test each and every possible PC board, laborious energy, PC motherboard, Arduino, and just about anything available in the market that wants mounting. To contain the mess, he fixed the Pi and a 7″ touchscreen to the Stegoboard, together with an RTL-SDR and an Arduino to keep watch over his antenna rotator. The floor station wiring is still a bit of of difficult, then again worlds upper than what it used to be as soon as, and now that it’s fixed on the wall it’ll be much more straight forward to use.(*11*)
(*13*)For those not familiar with SatNOGS, check out our article once more from when the Satellite tv for pc Community of Floor Stations won the 2022 iandroid.eu Prize. Within the half-decade since then, SatNOGS has only grown, with a huge following of faithful enthusiasts pointing their antennas at the sky. We know how to pick ’em, and we’ll be deciding on (*(*14*)*)the 2022 iandroid.eu Prize winner in no time.(*11*)
(*13*)Because of [elkos] for the top.(*11*)