We may know where the next Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC fighter hails from [Spoiler Warning]

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Push Dustin and (*3*)New WabiSabi merely dropped a bomb on the Spoil community and the theory teach is already operating at a fever pitch. In keeping with a now-deleted report on Nintendo UK’s internet web site, the next Super Spoil Bros. Ultimate DLC carries a copyright from SNK, creators of the Neo Geo console and developers of Ikari Warriors, Metal Slug, King of Opponents and other iconic franchises.

It would add up that SNK would someday get representation in Spoil. The company is arguably as historically necessary as Sega, Sq.-Enix, and Konami, specifically throughout the arcade sector, where the were a lot of the world’s most successful publishers right through the ’80s and ’90s. This is why I’m guessing that if the next Spoil character is from SNK, it is going to be Marco from Metal Slug (with Ralph/Clark from Ikari Warriors as an alt robe). Terry Bogard, or upper however, an entire 3-way tag staff from KoF, may also be an implausible variety too, on the other hand relating to representing the kinds of video video games which may also be quintessentially SNK, the tank-hopping, cool animated film military movement of Metal Slug/Ikari Warriors makes further sense.  

I moreover would no longer kick Bub and Bob from Bubble Bobble out of my Spoil bed, on the other hand since they are owned via Taito, and very best licenced to SNK for Neo Geo titles, their chances are high that slim (for now).