What Are Each Of The Main Directores For

My telephone has the next root folders:
– Alarms
– Android [system folder]
– Audiobooks
– DCIM [camera pictures, videos]
– Paperwork
– Downloads [downloads from browser, etc]
– Motion pictures
– Track
– Notifications
– Footage
– Podcasts
– Recordings [voice recording files]
– Ringtones
– Samsung

I perceive the aim of a few of these folders, as famous with the bracket notes, and I perceive the implication of the folder names, however I do not know what will have to be discovered or positioned into every of the opposite folders.

How are the opposite folders utilized by the gadget? What would I in finding inside every (stored as I’m the use of quite a lot of apps), or what would I wish to put into those folders (for use by means of quite a lot of apps)?

Thank you

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