What Does GG Mean In Gaming, Chat, And More

These days, with the facility for info to be handed round at one of these fast price, positive words get picked up and used such a lot that they every now and then achieve a wholly other which means than they have been firstly used for.

Such an abbreviation you’ll have observed or heard getting used across the web, and particularly in gaming, is “GG.” 

What does “GG” imply? It stands for “excellent recreation” and in reality has been round since multiplayer aggressive gaming has. It’s been used from its inception in some way very similar to how athletes use it, as an indication of appreciate on your fellow gamers, even supposing they’re from the other group. 

Of route, within the gaming scene, this word changed into abbreviated to GG and over the years, its which means has taken on differing connotations. 

The Beginnings of GG

The days of LAN, or local-area-network gaming, used to be when the multiplayer gaming scene used to be simply getting began. During this time, this sort of gameplay used to be extraordinarily new, and now not many of us had get entry to to it. 

Playing a recreation with others normally supposed simply pals you knew individually, now not somebody all of the manner the world over. Because of that, gamers had a lot more of an incentive to turn appreciate to others. 

Sooner or later, despite the fact that, on-line multiplayer gaming used to be destined to change into one thing extra. And it did so with video games like Quake and Starcraft, the latter of which is understood for in reality beginning the usage of the time period GG. As video games like those grew increasingly more widespread, the usage of GG began to turn out to be same old when an in-game defeat befell. 

Usage of the time period quickly grew to turn out to be well-liked, such a lot in order that just about everybody who performed on-line video games knew what it stood for. But similar to maximum issues that get widespread, there are folks available in the market who began to misuse or twist its which means. 

How GG Began To Be Used Offensively

When it comes all the way down to it, avid gamers are aggressive. Why else would you take a seat for your pc for hours on finish looking to get excellent at a particular recreation, if you happen to didn’t need to win up to humanly imaginable? 

When on-line multiplayer gaming began to get to this stage of competitiveness, the quantity of pettiness in recreation chats additionally grew. Even early on, some gamers disliked the usage of GG to finish a recreation. To them, it felt extra like a taunt than an indication of appreciate. 

Some folks started to make use of GG at the start of a recreation, indicating that they already knew they have been going to win. Others would use it ironically on the finish of the sport, to inform their warring parties the win used to be too simple. What to start with used to be a word of fine sportsmanship changed into one thing gamers stated to get a upward thrust out of warring parties. 

Over time, as this new which means of GG began to take grasp, the abbreviation used to be introduced into the mainstream and folks began to make use of it ironically now not simplest in-game, however in actual existence. It started for use in web circles as a funny story when one thing is going so horribly fallacious that you’ll be able to simplest say GG to no matter led to it. 

Nowadays, GG is never utilized in its unique context, and extra regularly as a funny story. Usually, despite the fact that, it’s beautiful obtrusive to inform if somebody is the use of it sincerely or to poke amusing. 

Other Uses Of GG

Out of the abbreviation GG grew a couple of others, most commonly to emphasise the sarcastic or condescending nature of the commentary. Many will use those phrases or a mix of them to in reality pack a punch after an opponent’s defeat. 


This way “excellent recreation, simple” and is used to inform the opposing group that the fit used to be no problem. It’s nearly at all times used as an insult to the opposite group, however can also be used inside your personal group to congratulate yourselves. But if it’s in reality getting used disrespectfully, one may upload “LOL” on the finish, or “giggle out loud” to get the purpose throughout. 

GG No Re

“Good recreation, no rematch” is a particularly heinous word to make use of. It maximum regularly way the sport used to be really easy you don’t even need to have a rematch together with your opponent. Some additionally mix it with EZ, as above. 


This one is fairly a little bit milder, which means “excellent recreation, neatly performed.” However, it may also be used ironically in positive contexts if a recreation had a particularly simple win. And if you happen to use it with the opposite abbreviations above, the sarcasm will nearly be tangible. 

To Use Or Not To Use GG

So with all this being stated, you could be questioning whether or not or now not you should utilize GG your self when taking part in video games or differently. In all reality, it in reality will depend on the context you’re the use of it in. 

If you’re pronouncing it after a recreation and you wish to have to turn appreciate, more often than not different gamers gained’t bat a watch on the singular use of GG. But if you happen to say it prior to a recreation has began, or in a condescending manner, you will have to almost certainly get ready for some backlash. 

Most of the time, despite the fact that, folks will perceive its utilization as a funny story and gained’t actually get indignant. So, finally, it’s as much as you when and the way you wish to have to make use of GG. And if you happen to do need to make your warring parties just a little peeved, neatly, now you know the way.