What Is DTS:X?


DTS:X encompass sound is far and wide, from AV receivers (AVRs) to cinemas to Blu-ray avid gamers. It guarantees to supply an immersive audio enjoy. However how does it paintings, and do you want new {hardware} to check out it?

Multi-Dimensional Sound

DTS:X is an audio codec that was once presented in 2022 for cinemas and residential theaters. It’s necessarily a competitor to Dolby Atmos, every other encompass sound layout.

The codec makes an attempt to imitate the real-world sound enjoy via object-based audio and encompass sound speaker programs. Object-based audio is a blending era wherein sound parts are mapped to positions in a 3-D box. It comes with metadata that tells a receiver how the sound parts will have to be reproduced.

In consequence, when DTS:X audio is performed, you get an immersive multi-dimensional sound enjoy very similar to how we listen sound in our day-to-day lives.

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The spotlight of the DTS:X codec is its adaptability. It doesn’t require a selected speaker setup or a hard and fast choice of channels to paintings. The codec adapts to no matter encompass sound setup you’ve gotten. It helps as much as 11.1 channels and limitless sound parts.


Any other cool function of the DTS:X codec is its talent to tweak sound parts like dialogues. So, as an example, you’ll be able to lift the extent of voices from background sounds when you wish to have to get transparent dialogues. However the discussion keep watch over must be enabled through the author.

The root of DTS:X lies within the corporate’s MDA (Multi-Dimensional Audio) platform, which permits film studios to create object-based audio. It’s an open and unfastened platform that helps the blending of each object-based and channel-based audio codecs. So the creators don’t wish to paintings on more than one platforms to create soundtracks for DTS:X and different codecs.

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What Is DTS Neural:X?

An important a part of the DTS:X layout is DTS Neural:X, an upmixer bundle that incorporates the codec. It guarantees that the audio combined for older DTS or non-DTS codecs is optimized in your present speaker setup. So whilst you play content material that doesn’t have a DTS:X monitor, the upmixer will scale it in your setup and supply a 3-D sound enjoy. Like DTS:X, DTS Neural:X additionally helps as much as 11.1 channels.

What Do You Wish to Revel in DTS:X?


Even though the DTS:X codec is slightly adaptable and can paintings along with your present encompass sound setup, you’ll nonetheless want some new {hardware}, like a DTS:X-compatible Blu-ray participant and AVR, and DTS:X-enabled content material to experience it.

Thankfully, just about all main AVR producers be offering DTS:X strengthen of their merchandise. So you’ll be able to get well matched units from the likes of Denon, Marantz, Arcam, and extra. In a similar fashion, you’ll to find a number of Blu-ray avid gamers and soundbars with the codec available on the market.

DTS could also be running to deliver DTS:X codec strengthen at once to televisions. The primary televisions with DTS:X have been introduced in 2022 through Turkish producer Vestel. In different units, DTS:X is supported through more recent Xbox consoles and PCs operating Home windows 10.


Relying in your {hardware}, there are a couple of tactics you’ll be able to twine your setup. You’ll be able to both hook your Blu-ray participant or Xbox to an AV receiver and let it cross the DTS:X audio for your speaker gadget or attach your Blu-ray participant at once to a soundbar if it has an audio-out HDMI port. You’ll be able to additionally attach your Blu-ray participant or Xbox for your TV and use (*10*)eARC port to cross the audio to a soundbar.

Coming to DTS:X content material, it’s basically discovered on Blu-ray discs. A number of Blu-ray film releases come with DTS:X audio. Sadly, not like Dolby Atmos, DTS:X content material isn’t to be had by the use of any streaming products and services in late-2022. However that would alternate someday.

Otherwise to enjoy DTS:X is through looking at a film with DTS:X soundtrack in a well matched cinema. The choice of supported theaters is proscribed, however you’ll be able to to find DTS:X cinemas in the United States, Belgium, China, France, India, Japan, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Switzerland. Your entire listing of DTS:X cinemas is to be had at the DTS site.

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Is DTS:X Backward Suitable?

Denon AVR

DTS:X is backward well matched. So in case your AVR or soundbar helps DTS-HD Grasp Audio however now not DTS:X, it’ll nonetheless be capable to play DTS:X-enabled content material. You’ll lose out on immersive object-based audio facets, however you’ll nonetheless get a really perfect encompass sound enjoy. That is imaginable as a result of DTS:X is layered on best of the DTS:HD Grasp Audio monitor, so necessarily, your AVR or soundbar ignores the DTS:X metadata and performs the DTS:HD Grasp Audio monitor.

What Is DTS:X Professional?

DTS:X Professional is an enhanced model of the DTS:X layout for house cinema customers. It was once unveiled in 2022 and basically higher the choice of channels supported through the codec from 11.1 to 30.2. Any other alternate in DTS:X Professional is a brand new model of the DTS Neural:X upmixer to deal with the higher channel strengthen. So the brand new upmixer can toughen older DTS or non-DTS content material to make use of as much as 30.2 channels for your speaker setup.

The remainder of DTS:X Professional is very similar to DTS:X. Additionally, you don’t want new content material for it. The DTS:X Professional decoders utterly strengthen all DTS:X content material.


On the other hand, DTS:X Professional isn’t as extensively to be had as DTS:X and is proscribed to top rate AVRs from Denon, Marantz, and Trinnov.

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