What is New In Genshin Have an effect on With Patch 2.0

Finding out what’s new with Genshin Have an effect on may really feel like a herculean activity every so often. Particularly with the entire adjustments that come in conjunction with large updates. The similar is correct with the sport’s most up-to-date replace, model 2.0, which formally landed as of July 20 in the United States. The sport replace was once to be had to download the previous day afternoon, but it surely promptly went into upkeep mode proper after. And it stayed there until round 8PM PST. Since then despite the fact that, the sport has been playable and there’s a good deal of stuff to find on the planet of Teyvat.

This contains exploring the brand new island of Inazuma, in addition to new characters and guns to procure throughout the want machine. No longer all characters and guns can be to be had immediately despite the fact that. As a few of them will come by means of later occasions that occurs as a part of this patch.

Even with that being the case, there’s nonetheless a ton of recent content material in Genshin Have an effect on as of this second throughout the 2.0 replace. And should you’re having a look to determine what’s new with Genshin Have an effect on 2.0, this information will stroll you via all of the new options, spaces, occasions, characters, guns, and extra.


What’s new in Genshin Have an effect on with patch 2.0

The place to start out. For starters, what’s new with Genshin Have an effect on and the most important additions to the sport are the brand new island of Inazuma, and the brand new characters that tie into that space. Naturally there’s additionally new story-related quests to finish, new guns and so a lot more. So let’s dive in.

The island of Inazuma and Inazuma Town

Inazuma Town is a brand new town state on the planet of Teyvat, and is the 3rd main town within the recreation following Mondstadt and Liyue Harbor. It may be discovered at the island of Inazuma – an archipelago within the a long way east of Teyvat that comes with Inazuma Town, Ritou, the Chinju Wooded area, the Grand Narukami Shrine, Tatarasuna, kannazuka, the Kujou Encampment, Musoujin Gorge, the Serpent’s Head, and Nazuchi Seaside.


All of those spaces have their very own distinctive design however are all similarly sporting the distinct Inazuma aesthetic, which is encouraged via the area of Japan. Simply as Liyue Harbor carries a classy that’s impressed via China.

Whilst a lot of your time on Inzauma Island can be spent selecting up quests and assembly the locals of Inazuma Town, puts just like the mysterious Chinju Wooded area will undoubtedly draw your consideration. Additionally, don’t overlook to discuss with the Grand Narukami Shrine to obtain Narukami’s Blessing. As it’s possible you’ll want it all through your travels in Inazuma.

To free up the Inazuma area, it is very important meet a couple of necessities. The primary is that you just’re at Journey Rank 30 or above. You’ll additionally wish to whole the Archon Quest Bankruptcy II: Act 1 – The Immovable God And The Everlasting Euthymia.


New characters

Kamisato Ayaka –

New areas approach new characters. Regardless that they gained’t all be to be had with the beginning of patch 2.0. With the start of this patch, you’ll be capable of gain the five-star Kamisato Ayaka. The daughter of the Yashiro Fee’s Kamisato Extended family.

Ayaka is a Cryo persona who makes use of a sword. Her elemental ability is known as Kamisato Artwork: Kyouka and permits her to wreck surrounding enemies with AoE Cryo injury. She additionally has a special dash than different characters. Known as Kamisato Artwork: Senho, she will dash across the space whilst disappearing right into a torrent of ice. This can also be carried out on each water or land. Making her a powerful opponent.


That being stated, she additionally walks extraordinarily gradual and doesn’t transfer as speedy as different characters when no longer sprinting. So that you’ll must discover ways to steadiness her dash skill to transport extra briefly when the usage of her as your present persona. Whilst keeping up sufficient dash power to have some whilst you would possibly want it maximum.

She additionally positive factors a Cryo infusion when she reappears out of her dash. So it’s very helpful when coping with a pack of enemies, and will also be used as a in point of fact great break out mechanic. Her ultimate skill which is her Elemental Burst, known as Kamisato Artwork: Soumetsu, offers Cryo injury over the years. Upon liberating it, enemies are engulfed in a swirling icy wind that slashes them over and over again when it touches them.

Yoimiya –


The second one persona on this patch, which can be to be had in a later want occasion, is Yoimiya. A five-star Pyro bow person. Her Elemental Talent, known as Niwabi Hearth Dance, turns her commonplace assaults into fiery arrows which deal Pyro injury to enemies for a restricted period of time.

Her Elemental Burst is known as Ryuukin Saxifrage, and offers AoE Pyro injury to all surrounding enemies. However that’s no longer all it does. Along with the AoE injury, Ryuukin Saxifrage additionally applies a debuff known as Aurous Blaze to one of the enemies. Enemies with this debuff will purpose an explosion that offers AoE Pyro injury when hit. Regardless that this most effective counts when hits are from different birthday celebration individuals and no longer Yoimiya. This contains commonplace assaults, elemental abilities, elemental bursts, charged assaults, and plunging assaults.

“Mujina Ninja” Sayu –


The ultimate new persona for this patch can be Sayu, the Mujina Ninja. Sayu is a four-star Anemo claymore person. Don’t let her dimension idiot you despite the fact that. She could also be small, however she’s fatal with a claymore and wreaks havoc on any enemies that stand in her approach.

Accompanied via her without end sleepy Shuumatsuban, Sayu takes at the taste of a Tanuki. Prone to throw off her foes. Her Elemental Talent is known as YooHoo Artwork: Fuuin Sprint. The usage of this ability, Sayu turns right into a spinning Fuuin wheel and dashes in opposition to enemies. Dealing Anemo injury.

This ability additionally has a couple of layers. You’ll turn on the assault and let her sprint in opposition to an enemy to destroy into them. However you’ll be able to additionally hang down the Fuuin Sprint button to have her frequently roll round on this state. Which is absolute best should you’re seeking to assault a couple of enemies concurrently.


When the assault ends, Sayu will carry out a  Fuuhuu whirlwind kick. Which does AoE Anemo injury. Her Elemental Burst permits her to summon an best friend known as the Muji-Muji Daruma. This additionally has a duel skill. As it might probably both heal birthday celebration individuals via restoring their HP, or deal Anemo injury to enemies.

New guns

It wouldn’t be a correct Genshin Have an effect on patch with out some glossy new guns to equip your characters with. And this patch delivers seven new guns in general. Two of that are got via want occasions, and the others that are got via forging.

Mistsplitter Reforged

Mistsplitter Reforged is a five-star sword with a Katana-like design for the blade, and “blazes with fierce violet mild.” Characters provided with this sword achieve an elemental injury bonus to their assaults and so they achieve a buff known as Mistsplitter’s Brand.

This buff will follow further elemental injury to assaults in response to what number of stacks of Mistsplitter’s Brand had been received. Gamers can achieve as much as three stacks of this buff. And each and every stack’s length is unbiased from the others. The basic injury bonus may be higher the extra stacks a participant has. So if in case you have three stacks, your assaults may have the next elemental injury bonus in comparison to one stack.

You’ll achieve this bonus from commonplace assaults which follow the buff for five seconds. In the event you achieve a stack from an Elemental Burst, the stack length can be ten seconds. You’ll additionally achieve stacks when your power is lower than 100%. With the stack length depleting as soon as your power is again as much as 100%. Elemental injury may be in response to the part of the nature.

Thundering Pulse

Thundering Pulse is a five-star lengthy bow that crackles with lightning. Equipping this bow offers the nature an build up to their assault stat. In addition to applies the Thunder Brand. Thunder Brand can stack as much as three instances, and each and every stack will increase the quantity of wear performed via commonplace assaults. This bow isn’t to be had within the recreation but, however it’s going to be incorporated with a long term want occasion. It’s additionally an event-exclusive weapon this means that you’ll be able to most effective get it from the want occasion when it pops up.

Amenoma Kageuchi

This can be a four-star sword with the facility to regenerate your persona’s power. It does this via shedding “Succession Seeds” after you forged an Component Talent. You’ll stack as much as three seeds, and you employ them up via casting an Elemental Burst assault. At which level you’ll get power again for each and every seed that you just eat.

This sword can also be received via a forging blueprint. Which you’ll be able to download via finishing the search known as The Farmer’s Treasure.

Katsuragikiri Nagamasa

The Katsuragikiri Nagamasa is a four-star claymore that will increase elemental ability injury. The key advantage of this weapon is that it is helping your persona regenerate power for six seconds after the power is depleted from casting an elemental ability. This may most effective be prompted each and every ten seconds, however the persona with this sword provided does no longer should be at the box to cause the bonus.

This weapon will also be got after forging it the usage of the forging blueprint. Obtaining that blueprint alternatively appears to be slightly bit mysterious. You’ll have to satisfy sure standards to seek out the blueprint when exploring the area of Inazuma.

Kitain Pass Spear

This can be a new four-star polearm weapon that provides the person an advantage to elemental ability injury. Its bonus works the similar approach because the Katsuragikiri Nagamasa.

To procure this weapon it should be cast. However you’ll be able to gain the solid blueprint for this weapon via finishing the search known as Orobashi’s Legacy.

Hakushin Ring

The Hakushin Ring is a four-star catalyst that permits the person to realize an elemental injury bonus via triggering an electro elemental response. The bonus is implemented to any characters which might be within sight with an elemental kind concerned within the elemental response, giving them a spice up to elemental assault injury in response to their part. This bonus does no longer stack and most effective lasts for six seconds.

Gamers will wish to whole the search known as Yougou Cleaning to procure the solid blueprint for this weapon.


The ultimate weapon for this patch is the Hamayumi, a four-star bow that enhances commonplace assault injury and charged assault injury. This bonus is basically all the time lively. On the other hand, the bonus is higher via 100% when the nature who has it provided reaches 100% power. So it’s going to all the time be the most powerful when your power is complete.

Acquiring this weapon calls for the weapon to be cast the usage of the solid blueprint. Which can also be discovered via pleasurable sure standards whilst exploring the area of Inazuma.

New Major Tale Quests

Naturally, with the most recent patch of content material for Genshin Have an effect on you’ll be able to be expecting some new quests to proceed the tale. And this contains new Archon Quests and new Tale Quests. Regardless that, understand that to get to those quests you’ll must free up the area of Inazuma, which does require you to succeed in Journey Rank degree 30 first. So should you’re nonetheless somewhat in the back of on that, play throughout the recreation till you’ll be able to get so far.

New Archon Quests contains Bankruptcy II: Act I – The Immovable God And The Everlasting Euthymia, and Bankruptcy II: Act II – Stillness, The Sublimation Of Shadow. Either one of those quests can be completely to be had following this patch. So there’s no large rush to get to them as briefly as you’ll be able to. Regardless that it’s possible you’ll need to velocity issues as much as get to one of the vital linked occasions. As occasions don’t typically ultimate without end.

Tu free up the primary new Archon Quest, along with being Journey Rank 30, you’re going to additionally wish to whole the Archon Quest Bankruptcy II: Prologue – Autumn Winds, Scarlet Leaves. To free up the second one new Archon Quest, you’ll wish to whole the primary new Archon Quest. In addition to whole the Tale Quests associated with each Kamisato Ayaka and Yoimiya.

New Monsters

Genshin Have an effect on is a sprawling international lively and issues to discover and uncover, which incorporates new monsters to defeat as a part of your adventure. There are a number of recent monsters to check your abilities. Together with the Pyro Hypostasis, the Perpetual Mechanical Array, and the Fatui Replicate Maiden.

You’ll additionally come throughout a sequence of samurai who’ve fallen from their famend titles. Known as the Nobushi, they’ve complex martial arts abilities that can undoubtedly pose a risk to any wandering adventurers who go their trail.

New Machine – Sacred Sakura’s Desire

This new machine is mainly a brand new technique to download helpful pieces and in-game rewards. All over your adventures all through Inazuma, you’ll be able to accumulate pieces known as Electro Sigils. Then you provide those to the Sacred Sakura to obtain her prefer and get helpful stuff in go back.

New Gameplay

Whilst in Inazuma, you’re going to come throughout Thunder Sakura Bough, Thunder Obstacles, and Balethunder. The Thunder Sakura Bough provide you with Electrograna. You’re going to want those to move via Thunder Obstacles all through the island. The Electrograna can also be carried with you as soon as picked up from the Thunder Sakura Bough. However they just ultimate for a brief length so make sure you watch how a lot time you might have left as you manner Thunder Obstacles.

There’s additionally Balethunder. Positive spaces all through the island can be impacted via Balethunder. And when in those spaces you’ll slowly take injury. To lend a hand build up your possibilities of surviving in those spaces and getting via them, search for Thunder Spheres. Which will build up your motion velocity significantly.

New Occasions

Genshin Have an effect on 2.0 additionally introduces new occasions, and finishing those occasions can praise you with improve fabrics, primogems, and extra. No longer the entire occasions can be to be had immediately despite the fact that. As a few of them will pop up all through the patch. In the event you’re a completionist, check out to take part in those occasions as incessantly as you’ll be able to whilst they’re round.

PS5/PS4 cross-progression

With patch 2.0, miHoYo in any case presented cross-progression reinforce for the PS5 and PS4 programs. So you’ll be able to hyperlink your number one account to the PS5 or PS4 and lift that recreation growth over. Likewise, should you essentially performed on PlayStation to start with, you’ll be able to hyperlink your PSN account to the opposite platforms so you’ll be able to play on PC and cellular together with your PlayStation growth.

Those are probably the most notable adjustments with the 2.0 replace for Genshin Have an effect on. However there are nonetheless quite a lot of different minor adjustments, worm fixes and extra which might be incorporated. If you wish to have brush up on all of that, you’ll be able to learn the overall patch notes for the replace right here.