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WhatsApp Finally Introduce Communities Feature, 32-Person Video Calling and More Zuckerberg announced the Communities feature for WhatsApp earlier this year and the new feature is finally making its way to all users across the globe. The new Communities feature will bring a number of changes but also a new group call feature that allows you to have 32-person video calling.

WhatsApp Communities will Start Rolling Out Soon to All Users with More Features Coming in the Following Months

Previously, you could only audio-call 32 people but now you can connect with all of them via video calls as well. With this feature, WhatsApp is looking to take on the likes of Google Meet, Zoom, and Teams.

The Communities feature can easily be used by small and large organizations and even family members. Not just that, the groups also support up to 1,024 members. However, not all features are going to be available right away.

Using the new Communities feature, users will be able to set up smaller groups within a community. This can be used to talk about things that are important to a specific community and you can even switch between them with ease. Admins will also receive the necessary tools that they need to manage such communities.

We’ve been working with over 50 organizations in 15 countries to build Communities to meet their needs. We’re excited that the feedback we’ve heard so far is these new tools are helping groups like these better organize and achieve their goals. There’s a lot more we plan to build and we’ll keep adding features over the coming months. For now, we’re excited to get this into more people’s hands and hear your feedback too.

These tools will include the ability to broadcast important messages and announcements to all members as well as choose which groups to include. Sure, on paper, the Communities feature might sound like Facebook Groups or even Workplace, but the difference here is that WhatsApp communities are going to be end-to-end encrypted and will feature better overall security.