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Why doesn’t the new Photos app work with NAS drives?

Picture import from NAS drive into Microsoft Photos


I just bought a computer with Windows 10 Pro version 1909. (Intel i5-2500 3.30GHz 8GB RAM)

I have my documents and pictures stored on a NAS drive in my home.

Next to the standard picture source location on the C:\ drive I added the location of the NAS drive.

After a couple of minutes the Microsoft Photos app imported all the sub directories (+/- 700). Some of them with some pictures in it but most of them empty or only a part of the included pictures…

I looked already for some solutions but none seem to work. I tried to “fix” the app via the settings page but this was also unsuccessful.

How can I see all my pictures stored on my NAS drive in my Microsoft Photos app?

Or can anyone recommend a good alternative software?

Thank you for your suggestions.