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Windows 10 Home – can’t update the OS


I’m wanting to upgrade from Win10 Home to Pro, so I went to the start area and entered Update, then clicked “Check for updates”. The screen that popped up had a few icons in the upper right-hand corner, one being Windows Update. Below those words I see Attention needed. When I click this icon, NOTHING happens.

I remembered several months ago I was constantly getting nagged to upgrade to Win11. At that time, I had made several recommended registry changes to avoid a forced upgrade, so I went back and deleted all of those registry changes, rebooted, but still have the same issue.

Next, I went to Settings, then searched for “troubleshoot settings”. This displayed the Troubleshoot window.

Near the bottom of that page I clicked “Additional troubleshooters”. The next window (titled Additional troubleshooter) had a section named Get up and running. Under that section, I click Windows update, then “Run the troubleshooter”.

The first time I did this, it said it fixed a problem. I decided to see if things changed on the Windows update window. No change there (i.e. it still showed “Action needed” on the update window), so I rebooted. Still not able to click the Windows Update icon.

Any ideas what else I can look at to fix this problem? I want to make sure my Win10 Home OS is update-to-date before I upgrade to Win10 Pro.

OS update.JPG