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Windows launches 4 CMD randomly that run in the background.

WmiPrvSE.exe running in background at system start-up after 4 minutes?

@steve108 Yes, I read that. It does say “The WMI Provider Host process is an important part of Windows, and often runs in the background. It allows other applications on your computer to request information about your system.”

The problem is why the hell is WMIADAP.exe and WmiPrvSE.exe launching at system boot 4 minutes and 30th second as SYSTEM processes?! No one is able to tell me that. This suggests, this behaviour is not normal!!

I use Windows 10 Pro last 2 years. I open my Task Manager regularly to have a look. This is the first time I have witnessed this weird behaviour. In fact I have never seen WMIADAP.exe run in the background on my Windows 10 system last 2 years!

Something has happened these past few days. Not only that, it is randomly launching every half an hour/1 hour in the background! I return back from dinner/breakfast. Open Task Manager and I see this WmiPrvSE.exe running as a SYSTEM process when nothing else and no programs were opened/ nor running in the background.

Although it is indeed using only 0% CPU and less than 1MB RAM. I am finding this extremely bizarre. I have uninstalled Opera GX, CCleaner. Reset WMI, did multiple system restores to dates when I did not experience this at all and none of this helps.

System restore should’ve solved it. Unless this is some sort of malware.

Is there a way to find out what is triggering this at the 4th minute and 30 seconds on system boot? This is a schedule of some sort. But I want to know what is triggering WMIADAP.exe because that is what then triggers WmiPrvSE.exe and they launch as SYSTEM processes, not as NETWORK.

Even in Safe Mode with only Drivers loaded is making this run.