Home windows unwantedly switching to secondary observe

The taskbar locked to backside of secondary observe strikes to the principle observe on every occasion number one observe is switched on.

See the name.

I’ve the taskbar locked on the backside of the secondary observe so the principle observe is totally empty for staring at films, video games TV and so on.

Every time I flip the principle observe on, the taskbar in an instant jumps from the ground of the seconday observe over to the ground of the principle observe. I then want to untick the ‘Locked’ choice at the taskbar, drag it again to the secondary and tick ‘Locked’
once more.

The taskbar disrupts desktop icons at the number one and any application working at the number one observe on the time and rather irritating.

Number one observe is an Asus PB328, attached by the use of Show Port to the PC.

Secondary observe is a Samsung 24 attached by the use of DVI to the PC.

I be expecting the taskbar to stay the place I position it when locked, without reference to displays been switched on or off.

The series of turning at the number one and secondary displays has no affect. Once the principle observe (Asus on DP) is became on, the locked taskbar strikes to the principle show, without reference to whether or not the Samsung is on or no longer.