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Withings’ New Health Monitor Belongs in the Toilet

Withings U-Scan urine analysis machine

Withings, the popular health and fitness company that makes everything from smartwatches, sleep analyzers, and weight scales, just announced its latest product at CES 2023 in Las Vegas. The new Withings U-Scan is a smart urine lab for your home and belongs in the toilet.

The U-Scan is a sophisticated new miniature health lab and a breakthrough for in-home biomarker analysis. The Withings U-Scan is a hands-free (thankfully) internet-connected urine device. It’s hygienic, sits inside any toilet bowl, and can help users track all sorts of health information.

The average person takes a number one around seven times a day. Withings’ new pebble-shaped reader with replaceable analysis cartridges can quickly gather information during each session without external samples, strips, or anything else. Then, the system can access specific biomarkers and read more than 3,000 metabolites to help monitor your health.

You’ll get science-backed information from urine results. Then, the system can alert users with suggestions to drink more water, dietary tips, workout routines, and more.

“Sophisticated urine analysis allows users to monitor metabolic insights and empowers women to manage monthly cycles.” – Withings

At first, the U-Scan will come with two different health cartridge options, each serving a different purpose. Each cartridge lasts about three months, and you can subscribe to automatic refills. So while it’s not entirely hands-free, you won’t have to touch any urine strips to get daily information about your body’s overall balance, pH levels, or metabolic insights.

Those in Europe can get the U-Scan “Cycle Sync” for women to track monthly cycles or the U-Scan Nutri Balance, perfect for getting a detailed outlook on your nutrition, hydration, ketones, carb balance, and complete metabolic information. Plus, medical versions will be available in the future.

Unfortunately, the new Withings U-Scan is still in development for the U.S., as it’ll need to receive FDA clearance before being released. However, the system will debut in Europe around Q2 of 2023 for €499.95.