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WTP – Story 1 is a dynamic, choice-led, sci-fi mystery adventure.

The game is in a first-person perspective and is set in a fictionalized future where not all is as it seems as the player decides how to deal with the reality they find themselves in.

Conduct research. Investigate. Travel. Decide who you will be.
Suss out who you can trust and who you can not trust.
Every choice matters.

Every choice made shapes the results that follow, the relationships, and the possible results.

Decide how you will act and your choices will shape the world and events.


Highly dynamic dialog, multiple paths, dynamic elements, mini-games, and side content adds replay value to the game.

Set custom names for the major characters in the game.

Set options that adjust gameplay including toggling mini-games, an option to minimize swearing, and an option to minimize violence.

Set your pronouns. The game supports a protagonist with any of the following pronouns: She, He, They, Hu, Fae, Hir, Ey, Ze, and Xe.


SIZE: 4.24 GB

WTP Story 1-TENOKE.torrent

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