XFCE: Remote Desktop via X11vnc Through an SSH Tunnel


For the primary time in a loooong time I (needed to) arrange far off desktop sharing, ranging from an current SSH login via a single-port pinhole in an immutable router firewall.

The far off PC runs Xubuntu 20.4 LTS and I verified it already had x11vnc put in. If that’s no longer the case, make it so.

With a purpose to proportion / keep watch over the desktop of a special consumer (hereinafter referred to as kay), I should SSH into that PC as kay. My SSH consultation makes use of public key authentication and kay has little need for outbound SSH, so simply use my PC’s public key in kay‘s authorized_keys document. At the far off PC, the place I’m signed in as me:

cd ~
sudo mkdir /house/kay/.ssh # kay does no longer have a public key
sudo cp .ssh/authorized_keys /house/kay/.ssh # so simply replica mine
sudo chown -R kay:kay /house/kay/.ssh # switch possession
sudo chmod go-rwx /house/kay/.ssh # set correct permissions

From my native PC, I will now SSH into the far off PC as kay and get started x11vnc throughout the SSH tunnel:

ssh -v [email protected] off.deal with -L 5900:localhost:5900 “x11vnc -display :0 -noxdamage -ncache 10 -ncache_cr -nopw”

Nonetheless on my PC, goal a VNC shopper on the native finish of the tunnel:

novnc localhost:5900

The usage of novnc gifts the far off desktop as a internet web page in a browser, even though you could want one thing extra conventional.

Slightly to my marvel, It Simply Labored™.

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