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Xiaomi Fable Mi Bunny Robotic Builder – the most productive toy sumaniems youngsters

Hello to all, small and large.

There are example to check out this žaisliuką. Online information about it amount, alternatively, whether or not or no longer or not it actually harking back to about it write? Let’s take and let’s read about.

The fee, compared to similar Lego builder, is not very best, on the other hand it’s only the far more than 100eur.

Let’s get began with an overview of the

Transmission is best and severe, so each child apsidžiaugs upon the dimensions of the toy!

On the box is written in 10 years and in older children. Maniškiui already even 7 years, on the other hand fairly a large number of clothier, along side, and Technics assortment, dėlioja without problems.

Let’s take a look at what’s inside of

O positive! Parts amount!


Whilst this is not the principle dėliojamas constructor, now we now have “atidirbę” at hand collection methodology.

All the details smartly susidėliojame the identical patogiausioje place (actually, on the flooring, given that place is form of infinite and actually all fittings may have compatibility). Details neat sudėliojimas not best facilitate their discovery, alternatively, combining to turn out to be acquainted with them and as soon as possible to go looking out.

Built-in inside the to find box, which is a clothier’s “ideas”. So it instantly combine in to {the electrical} outlet, given that assemblage of this robot may like to instantly play.

We begin the collection

The instruction and the assembly of the presentation isn’t any different from Lego or other similar constructors, so it seems that each one goes utterly.

Number one difficulties inside the assembly was not, various cases the son asked the compress detalytes and in one place as far as painokas symbol, so we had a few steps forward to appear, to snatch what there if truth be told detalytė should impersonate. All the time I watched the easiest way to obtain and noticed that already in some way not so in quest of to place the “paburbuliuodavau” to take a better look into the ideas. You’ll be able to say all the robot accumulated himself with a small care, so hereby certify that instruction clear enough.

Collected Myth Bunny Robot(*11*)

On the internet I have seen information that the assembly takes about 10 hours. For us this took about 5 hours. This time integrated various pailsėjimai and papietavimas.

In reality have spent 5 hours together with the child.


Atsisiunčiame him for the app (who fail or don’t to find, the ones critiques at the bottom is the reference).

Whilst you open the app, by way of the suporuojame with robotuku (robotuką want to turn for your phone or planšetėje should be an full of life Bluetooth connection). Pairing proposed to exchange robotuko device (firmware), that we did.

What we find inside the app

It’s all in English!!! (Already išverčiau! App download link inside the analysis at the bottom)

Bluetooth connection icon shows, Vokelis – pop up selling window, Connected – connection status, robotuko battery degree share, Lend a hand and Settings window.

01 Direction Planning – Direction planning

02 Controller – Keep watch over

03 Programming – Programming

04 New sensor registration – New sensor add

05 Assemble Information – Assembly instructions

06 Voice popularity – voice Control

I can describe the primary menu items in more part

Whilst you open the primary products on the menu instantly shows the ideas what it is and the easiest way to make use of it. Unfortunately in English (I think I’m going to do this this a big downside a bit of of later).

01 Direction Planning


The principle pažinčiai identical smagiausias punktelis. Merely your finger on the computer screen nubraižome shape and whilst you click on on at the best right kind hand corner of the “Play” button robotukas rides nubraižytu direction. In reality a lot of amusing acquaintance and understanding as he rides, and the stunts and maneuvers they can perform.

02 Controller


Children this degree to actually tell not enough to lodge inside the hands of the phone or pad with this flag on the other and practice how skillfully they organize.

The sensations and smagumui make stronger is another punktelis best with strėlyte passing around the vertical stick.


Robotuko keep an eye on of the gyro. Proper right here and the identical can be pasismaginti. Phone when saved horizontally, with the computer screen going via up and moving the robotukas changing the course of movement depending on the tilt of the (phones and planšetėse together with the gyro perhaps won’t art work).

03 Programming


Proper right here already additional crowd pleasing! Combining tiles from the very best left of the window to the most efficient, we create a chain of actions, which robotukas will. This is programming basics. If all we care what proper right here such to do is the menu column, which lists užduotėlės from very best. Here’s the principle užduotėlė You:

04 New sensor registration

Sensor unique Xiaomi our market nevertheless does not offer. So we can skip this) or acquire it from other available in the market places and in this column so that you can upload it.

One of the vital possible parts the MYTH of the Color Sensor, which allows the robotukas sees the environment and may have interplay with it at a distance.

05 Assemble Information

Built-in is a book-manual, observe that and have accrued this rabbit robotuką. In this phase we find not best the rabbit robotuko assembly instructions, alternatively, and the other:


06 Voice popularity


Clicking around the button we can tell robotukui to carry out one of 5 actions. Robotukas best understand kinietiškai or English to spoken directions.


Pluses: Parts top quality is very good, the instruction clear, so the slip not is where. The assembly takes a long time, on the other hand in and amusing, in spite of everything this activity, together with the offshoot. Assemblage of the toy (if it can be known as), unquestionably not briefly lands on the shelf, because of begins with the identical amusing to possess it and to program. After pastime it is what to do with it additional, you can gain spaceship or dinosaur, and in addition to keep an eye on them all the way through the app. Since this constructor, you can open up the freedom of creativity and put it what pleases, well or what is turning out 🙂 Finally, details of suitable from the available Lego constructors, we can must be the one myth, na or inquire for youtube, what additional could be carried out with this konstruktoriumi.

Disadvantages: Google Play did not download the program because of in keeping with her “This products is not available for your country”, so we had to to find the identical. After a few nuvirtimų, bounced a lot much less a turning into close details, so we had to restart the entire perspaudinėti. Gudru collection of all the couplings strongly compress later to avoid surprises. Inside the app there is no English language (Already išverčiau! Utterly translated the app inside the link below), so the menu items will have to be translated by means of anyone who understands. As far as kebloka may be with tips, because of not everyone will understand what it reads. Along with programming tasks. I will try to translate the app into your language and proportion it with you (in this overview).

Download the app



What the app moreover does no longer allow the download and Google Play, you can download it from the links below (files situated in this dialogue board)

Mi Robot Builder Global v1.7.2 – Type for the global market

Mi Robot Builder v1.9.1 – Type for chinese language language market (English)

To find out the fitting value and purchase this excellent Robotuką you can HERE.

Mi_Robot_Builder_Global_v1.7.2 EN – Type for the global market translated into English!

The best way it sort of feels to be