A new silicon speaker is on the way, from xMEMS. Now, this new speaker will “reinvent how humans experience sound”, says xMEMS. The name of the thing is Cypress MEMS, and it’s rather interesting.

xMEMS claims its new micro speaker basically “reinvents how humans experience sound”

Now, just to be clear, this speaker is supposed to be used in tiny products, such as truly wireless earbuds. The company claims that it achieves 40x louder bass, and that you’ll be able to experience that at CES 2024. The company will be there to show it off.

Furthermore, this speaker achieves >140dB low-frequency sound pressure level (SPL). Thanks to that, xMEMS said it enables “a no-compromise replacement for legacy, century-old coil speakers in noise canceling earbuds”. These are actually some huge promises from xMEMS.

This is a solid-state, all-silicon micro speaker, as that’s what the company specializes in. The company also says that this speaker will help provide “ultra high-quality, high-resolution sound experiences across all audio frequencies”.

The Cypress MEMS replaces legacy push-air sound reproduction

With the Cypress MEMS speaker, xMEMS has replaced legacy push-air sound reproduction with its ultrasonic amplitude modulation transduction principle. That’s a mouthful.

Now, the ultrasonic modulation turns ultrasonic air pulses into “rich, detailed, bass-heavy, high-fidelity sound”, says xMEMS. The company also claims that this is the very first no-compromise alternative to the regular moving-coil concept.

The company’s VP of Marketing & Business Development said: “Cypress maintains all of the benefits of xMEMS’ existing speakers, while being 40x louder in low frequencies, achieving a key requirement for ANC earbuds”.

The usual way of generating sound is “inefficient”, says the company

It is said that legacy coil speakers generate sound in the audible band, which is “inefficient”. The Cypress MEMS is supposed to change that entirely. The way xMEMS presents this speaker, it’s something worth noting, as it could change things considerably, but it remains to be seen, of course.

The company says that the Cypress MEMS is currently sampling to select early customers. Production-candidate samples should be available in June next year, while the mass production is planned for late 2024.

As mentioned earlier, the company will demo this new speaker at CES 2024.

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