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Yet another “windows 10 installation stuck on trying to connect to microsoft” loop and it…

Windows 10 stuck in installation loop on tablet

Ok, I was THIS close for throwing this god damn tablet outside on the concrete… I have ACER Iconia W4 820 tablet and yesterday it decided it will refuse to boot (the Windows 10 magic). It just displayed boot screen with those dots running around forever. Literally. I left it over night and you guessed it, in the morning it was still doing it. So, I forced reset it and it brought up the repair dialog where I’ve opted for Reset and deleted all my data clean.

All nice and well, it installed and when I get the screen “Hi there” where I pick my languages and time zone, click next and select bunch of privacy settings and complete that, it restarts and goes back to god damn language and timezone selection screen, every single bloody time. I’ve completed it like 10 times and it just loops like a total retard. Wanted to re-install windows clean from USB, wouldn’t even boot, tried recovering original OS (Win8.1), it just skips it and loops the same language/timezone menu and the backup USB that I’ve made on day 1 is just plain ignored. I now have a tablet that has less functionality than a kitchen cutting board. What the fuck Microsoft, are you kidding me? And no, I don’t have any intention to pay ACER to fix this shit Microsoft created. Damn it.

I’ve googled tons of “fix guides” and they all seem to mention that rather recent stupid update that caused boot looping, but my case seems to be slightly different because it’s installation looping. I only got 1 result that mentioned installation and deletion of some keys via regedit, but it didn’t fix anything. So, any other ideas?