You can now use any key on your phone and Bluetooth buttons to choose from to get PTT to activate it.

Custom designed buttons, signifies that you’ll be able to have further buttons in your phone or the buttons on the Bluetooth a long way flung regulate. By way of default, the push to talk button for Fast-Talkie is assigned to the button and Amount down button. Throughout the Fast-Talkie, and 1.4 you are able to use the push to talk key to every other button. This makes PTT so a lot more simple to use for phones with programmable buttons, EMERGENCY buttons, multi-function buttons, the virtual digital camera button or the volume buttons.

For extra convenience, you are able to also have the equivalent {hardware} to assign your push-to-talk app, which lets you use the equivalent key for PTT that can be used when Fast-Talkie is on the computer screen, or when you are inside the app.

Tips on how to create a {hardware} button as a PTT
In addition to, the granting of the buttons in your phone, any Bluetooth-assign button as a PTT key. We suggest that the Bluetooth buttons on the key, may have to make phone calls, to taking. When the Fast-Talkie it is installed, press this button to make your phone more practical and you are able to straight away transfer to the Fast-Talkie to bring in. You are able to use PTT along side your assigned key.
All through the buttons in your phone display, activate if it is off. you are able to use another button to use for push to talk. On the Voice, the Ping will change to the left / to the precise of the channel and, therefore, we suggest that you just use the Amount down button, Amount up and use it.