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“Your organization requires you to update your PIN”

“your organization requires you to change your pin” and “*Some of these settings are hidden or managed by your organization”

This is the 2nd time this happened and now it’s back. This is all on my personal laptop. Windows uses my personal microsoft account

First time it happened (around July 22):

About a month or two ago, I got the pin change message. I was confused because my organization should not be accessing any of my Windows account. That said, MS Office 365 is associated with my University’s outlook account. Not sure if it matters,
but my uni is based in London. My PC (and me) are in USA.

I change my pin and immediately after, my PC starts doing a full windows reset with everything wiped.

O had to contact Microsoft chat support a few times. Ultimately, they had to reinstall windows and promised it’d not happen again.

This time (Tues, Sept. 1)

I log in with my pin and I get the “your organization requires you to change your pin” today.

Recent events that happened:

1) I paired my bluetooth headphones to my computer today. (i connected fine but this is where I saw “*Some of these settings are hidden or managed by your organization”

2) I earlier contacted MS Support Sunday about OneDrive creating an empty duplicate folder (minor issue that I didnt finish fixing yet).

I am not changing my pin because I’m afraid it will reset my computer again and I don’t want to do that. I don’t want the support agent messing around and going through the whole reinstalling windows solutions because it seems to be coming back anyway.

What I tried so far:

  • I tried Andre’s response on
    this thread
    . I failed because option 1) the NGC folder I got a message saying I don’t have access to it and it says “you do not have permissions to view this object’s security properties, even as an administraor”, and option 2) when switching to a local
    account and back, I log out back in & again it says I need my organization requires a new pin (i.e. doesnt fix the problem)
  • I also tried a handful of GP edit suggestions from other threads here. None worked.
  • I also tried this Mike P’s suggestion
    (accidentally misreading password as pin)

I’m hoping I can get this resolved because it seems like the full windows reinstallation did not even work. (I’m guessing because the reinstallation of my MS Office or my OneDrive account is the cause??)

I know a Rubiks cube is prob easier to solve but can anyone help with this?