“You’re using the wrong suppressor” – Warzone 2 guru JGOD discusses secret attachment tips

Suppressors are weapon attachments in Name of Accountability: Warzone 2 that have compatibility within the Muzzle slot. Whilst they aren’t as viable as they was, they’re nonetheless amongst the most well liked attachment alternatives. With the exception of silencing the gunshots, those suppressors can spice up the bullet pace, build up injury vary, assist with draw back keep an eye on, and extra. That stated, no longer all suppressors behave in a similar fashion within the recreation.

JGOD is not any stranger to the Name of Accountability: Warzone 2 group. The content material author lately sits at 1.2 million subscribers on YouTube, with an enormous fan base international. He often stocks the most recent Name of Accountability updates, discusses guidelines and methods together with his audience, and a lot more.

In one in all his contemporary movies, the YouTube content material author JGOD discusses the sport’s 3 well-liked suppressor attachments to resolve which delivers the most efficient effects. Having stated that, this article is going to take a more in-depth have a look at those suppressors and the findings of JGOD.

What’s the easiest suppressor in Season 3 Reloaded of Warzone 2?


For the aim of this video, JGOD took the 3 most well liked suppressors within the recreation. They’re Echoless-80, Zulu-60, and the Harbinger D20. All of those silencers are exceptionally nice. Alternatively, there are regularly debates relating to which ones is the most efficient. Therefore, to settle the controversy as soon as and for all, JGOD pulled out the statistics for each and every of those muzzles.

The next are the stats of each and every of those suppressors:


  • Vary: +14%
  • Speed: +30%
  • Cringe: N/A
  • ADS Time: +68ms


  • Vary: +5%
  • Speed: +20%
  • Cringe: +2-3%
  • ADS Time: +71ms

Harbinger D20

  • Vary: +14%
  • Speed: +30%
  • Cringe: +3%
  • ADS Time: +108ms

Subsequent, JGOD examined the ISO Hemlock with all of those suppressors within the Firing Vary. He got here to the realization that not one of the attachments can also be deemed absolute best or the most efficient.

As an example, whilst the Echoless-80 may have the bottom further ADS time, it does not assist with the draw back. In a similar fashion, whilst the Zulu-60 is very similar to the ADS velocity of the Echoless-80 and likewise is helping with draw back, it does not give the spice up to break vary and bullet pace, not like the Echoless-80.

In a similar fashion, the Harbinger D20 has the slowest ADS time however supplies draw back keep an eye on advantages and considerably boosts injury vary and bullet pace. JGOD additionally took the instance of the number one Ranked participant in Warzone 2 ‘soka,’ who makes use of the Harbinger D20. Alternatively, JGOD provides that it’s simply a private desire, and soka would carry out the similar without reference to the suppressor he selections.


So on the finish of the day, JGOD concludes by means of mentioning that the suppressors are utterly as much as private personal tastes. There should not be any debate since none of those suppressors can also be referred to as the ‘easiest’ as all of them have strengths and weaknesses.

That is all there’s to grasp in regards to the suppressors in Name of Accountability: Warzone 2. Each and every suppressor has distinctive benefits and downsides, and gamers will have to select the one who fits their playstyle.

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