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YouTube Shorts Will No Longer Be In The Videos Tab

YouTube just sent out a major redesign to its app, and this brings some notable differences. One of them is more welcome than others. YouTube Shorts will no longer populate the Videos tab on channel pages, according to 9To5Google.

YouTube is in a war with TikTok, but sometimes, the users are the casualties. It’s been shoving its short-form content format Shorts into our faces, and most of us don’t like it. When we view a channel’s page, the first thing we’d see is the channel’s collection of Shorts.

Also, while navigating the channel’s Videos tab, we would see the Shorts lumped in with the regular videos. That made for an ugly scrolling experience.


However, YouTube Shorts will no longer be in the Videos tab

This change brings some other notable changes. When you go to a YouTube channel, you will see an assortment of different tabs that you can navigate through. The regular long-form videos sit on their own tab while the Shorts will also have their own tab.

Also, live streams will have their own tab. That’s a good thing because searching through someone’s videos to specifically find their live streams can be tedious.

The YouTube redesign brings other changes

YouTube brought a lot of changes to this app over the past couple of weeks. It brought dark mode and it also brought Ambient mode. What this does is makes some of the colors leak off of the edge of the video. It’s a nice little visual touch when watching videos in portrait mode.


Also, the update brings a Material You flare to the buttons under the videos. This includes the like/dislike, share, Create Short, download video, clip, and save to playlist buttons. They’re all housed and rounded pill-shaped buttons.

Also, the app now uses true dark mode with completely black backgrounds. This is a lot more visually appealing than the gray that most other apps use in their dark modes.

This update started rolling out earlier this week, so if you don’t see these changes, don’t worry. It’s probably still making its way to you. You can still check for updates by going to your app store, searching up YouTube, and looking for an update button. If you don’t see it, then you may just want to wait a few days.