I’m Running Out of my Mac’s Storage

A couple of days in the past, I wish to set up any other decrease model of Xcode and I used to be making plans to stay each model of it. After downloading 7.3 GB of xip compressed document, it’s time to extend it. Unfortunately, the uncompressing procedure couldn’t be finished as a result of my mac’s garage is operating low. After checking at Disk Utility, I noticed it handiest had 13 GB left.

Wondering the place the massive “issues” come from, I attempted to open Storage tab on “About This Mac” window, and strangely I came upon that the issue got here from “Other”. It sized about 146 GB for this unusual “Other” issues.

It’s neither “Documents” nor “Apps”, however yeah it’s simply “Other”. At first, I used to be seeking to blank up unused information on Documents folder however I handiest were given further 2 GB loose. It didn’t give me sufficient garage to put in my downloaded Xcode which might be about 17 GB after expanded from xip document.

Finally, I used to be beginning to open Finder, appearing the hidden folders by way of tapping command+shift+(dot), and looking at one by way of one of folder’s data to determine who had the most important measurement. Spending about 30 mins of remark, obviously I stuck ~/Library folder had 135 GB. “Library” is a hidden folder. So I used to be pondering that is why there’re “146 GB issues” labeled as “Other”.

I used to be curious and beginning to discover what’s within “Library”. There are such a lot of folders within and once more, I began to look at one by way of one folder’s data to trace which folder saved the massive document. Some folders want time to calculate the dimensions and I waited for it. A couple of occasions later I discovered that the most important measurement got here from ~/Library/Developer. It took about 97 GB.

Browsing from the web about this folder, I were given a dialogue discussion board about “is it secure to delete ~/Library/Developer” on hyperlink beneath.

I gained’t provide an explanation for what this folder is. You can to find it out on web, or by way of studying dialogue on hyperlink above. But the belief is: It is NOT secure to delete the entire ~/Library/Developer.

Something that I were given from above dialogue used to be It is secure to take away following folders within ~/Library/Developer:

It accommodates one thing this is mechanically generated each and every you click on construct button on a Xcode mission. It’s secure to delete as a result of in case you take away it, Xcode will generate new stuff within it whilst you construct your mission.

~/Library/Developer/Xcode/iOS Device Logs
If you don’t want your logs, it’s secure to delete.

~/Library/Developer/Xcode/iOS DeviceImprove
It accommodates some data of actual iOS software you’ve ever connected for construction. It’s secure to delete as a result of Xcode will generate new stuff within in case you attach the software once more.

If you had archived apps that you just’d ever uploaded it to the take a look at flight or apps retailer, the document used to be saved right here. You can safely delete it.

I in point of fact were given house after deleting the ones above folders. But my soul of greed used to be provoked. I used to be fascinated by ~/Library/Developer/CoreSimulator for the following folder to be investigated as it additionally took huge garage. After taking time to seem up on web, I were given find out how to unlock some house from this folder by way of executing script beneath at the terminal.

xcrun simctl delete unavailable

By executing this script, you’ll take away previous simulator which is not used. Yeah, in any case my Developer folder take handiest 20 GB. 😊