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Are Apple AirTags Waterproof (and How to Dry Them)?

Apple’s AirTag is a popular tracking device. You can use it to track items you don’t want to lose such as a wallet, or your luggage. You can also use it on your pets and know exactly where they are if they wander off. But are Airtags waterproof? Is it safe to use them outdoors?

This Bluetooth device will get exposed to various weather conditions whether you use it to track your laptop bag or your dog. So in this article, we’ll check if Apple AirTags are waterproof and teach you what to do with them if they get wet.

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What Is the Apple AirTag’s Water-Resistance Level?

Apple AirTags are water resistant, but not waterproof. That means they won’t get damaged if water gets into them. But you should never submerge them under still or running water. AirTags have an IP67 rating and an IEC standard 60529, just like the iPhone SE series.

The IP stands for Ingress Protection rating while the number 6 stands for 100% protection against dust. This means the AirTags are also dust-resistant. The second number is a measurement for water resistance rating, the highest being 8. As you can see, the AirTags are rated 7 in this area, which means they are not completely waterproof. However, they will survive submerged under a maximum depth of 1 meter of water, for about 30 minutes.

Note these rating tests were in laboratory conditions, and it is not advisable to try them at home. But you shouldn’t be afraid of a light splash or sprinkle getting on your AirTag. Don’t worry if your dog wears one in the rain, but don’t allow them to swim in the pool or a lake. Water resistance decreases over time and water will eventually harm your device, even if it’s just rain.

How to Dry Your AirTags?

If you want to ensure the longevity of your Apple AirTags, you should keep them dry. But this doesn’t mean you should panic if they get a bit wet. Accidents happen and you might drop your Apple AirTag in a puddle on your way home. AirTags can be dried easily, but you should be mindful of it. Don’t blow air, or use pressurized air to dry them off.

It will push moisture deeper into the electronic parts and damage them. Instead, use a lint-free microfiber cloth to wipe the water from the exterior of your AirTag. Keep the device as still as possible while wiping. Any movement can cause water droplets to get inside the device and damage the battery.

Once you have dried off the exterior, open the AirTag and remove the battery, so they can air-dry. Just press and hold the metal battery cover, and twist it counterclockwise. This will pop out the cover revealing the battery. Once the parts are separated, put them on a flat surface. You can put silica packets around the AirTag parts to pick up the excess moisture and speed up the drying process.

Air-drying your Apple AirTag can take up to several hours, so be patient. After you’re sure all the components have dried off, reassemble the device. You can test if your AirTag works properly by using the Find My app option on your iPhone or iPad.

How to Clean Apple AirTags

You should always clean your device just like with any other electronic, so you don’t force any water inside the circuitry.

To clean your Apple AirTag, wipe with a dry microfiber cloth. This will remove all the dust and most of the dirt. Avoid using paper towels or paper tissues. They are abrasive and will scratch the surface of your AirTag.

If you’re dealing with stubborn dirt, you can dampen your microfiber cloth with isopropyl alcohol, and wipe the device. This will also remove the fingerprint marks and disinfect the AirTag. Don’t attempt to clean the interior of the Apple AirTags as you will damage the device. And always avoid bleach.

How to Protect Your Apple AirTag

If you need to attach an AirTag to the collar of your water-loving dog or use it on a boat, you will have to invest in a waterproof or splash-resistant case. AirTags are a new device in Apple’s assortment and there aren’t many cases out there yet. But you can still find some excellent quality waterproof cases.

These cases are IPx8 rated, which means they are waterproof. They will allow you to go swimming, and even snorkeling with your Apple AirTag. Here are some waterproof AirTag cases available on Amazon.

1. TagVault Case

The TagVault cases for Apple AirTags were designed by Elevation Labs, a company specializing in waterproof protection. This case is made of stainless steel and fits AirTag tightly to save space. It was the first waterproof case for Apple AirTags to appear on the market.

The TagVault case also comes with a keyring so you can attach it to luggages, a dog collar, or a wallet.

2. Caseology Vault Case

The Caseology Vault Case is one of the most durable protections for Apple AirTags out on the market. It has a built-in carabiner that will allow you to attach your device to almost anything. The frame of the Caseology Vault is flexible making it easy to put the AirTag in. The case itself has openings on both sides so the sound and transmission signal of your AirTag is not obstructed.

3. Amitel Case

The Amitel Case for Apple AirTags is designed for all those items you want to track, but can’t attach a keychain ring to. It is made of liquid silicone, and it uses an adhesive so it can be easily attached to mobile phones, tablets, or other electronics. You can also attach the Amitel Case to a keychain so you can use your AirTag the usual way.

4. Spigen Rugged Armor Case

The Spigen Rugged Armor case for AirTags is made of durable zinc alloy that will protect your device from the elements and mechanical damage. But this AirTag Case has a fun twist to it. You can use it as a bottle opener. This feature comes in handy, especially on a hike or a camping trip.

Did you already get your Apple AirTag? How do you use it? Let us know in the comment section below. Also, check our guide on how to fix or repair a wet smartphone for more information on dealing with water damage.