Do Wristwatches Get Any Higher Than A Cuckoo Clock?


There are few higher techniques of exclaiming your unbiased spirit as a {hardware} hacker than by means of growing your personal particular timepiece. Much more so if the timepiece is an eye, in particular on this generation of smartwatches. Few home-made timepieces regardless that have come as just about wristwatch Nirvana as (*3*)the cuckoo clock wristwatch from [Kiyotaka Akasaka], which we might undertaking to call as having gained wristwatches. No one will most sensible this one within the box of home-made clocks!

Superlatives apart, that is an digital cuckoo clock at the wrist, with an LED ring dial and a motorised cuckoo, all clothed in an authentically rustic tiny wood cuckoo clock case. It communicates by way of BLE with a smartphone, or even has a legitimate channel for a cuckoo sound. Frustratingly there’s little in the best way of element in regards to the electronics themselves, however we’re guessing that just about Bluetooth-capable microcontroller might be pressed into carrier. Check out the video underneath the spoil.

So we’ve established that it’s a cuckoo clock wristwatch, and that we love it, so much. It’s on the other hand now not the one novelty cuckoo clock we’ve introduced you.

(*1*)[embedded content]