Friday Product Post: Heart Nouveau

Hi everyone! We now have a couple new products this week, starting with our new Qwiic-enabled Pulse Oximeter and Center Charge Sensor! That is no longer all, although – we in reality have a brand new 55-piece Electrical Pastime Screwdriver and a USB Energy Meter with a Colour TFT LCD.

Earlier than we get to new products, needless to say at the present time, September thirteenth, is the LAST day to take advantage of our Two Weeks of Unfastened Tournament. If you want to have to select up one of three loose Qwiic sensors with the purchase of a Qwiic RedBoard or Artemis RedBoard, make sure that to check out forward of 11:59 p.m. MT at the present time!

Now, immediately to the new products!

Make sure to check your pulse!


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SparkFun Pulse Oximeter and Center Charge Sensor – MAX30101 & MAX32664 (Qwiic)

In stock SEN-15219

The SparkFun Pulse Oximeter and Center Charge Sensor is a shockingly small, I2C based, Qwiic-enabled biometric sensor.


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The SparkFun Pulse Oximeter and Center Charge Sensor is an I2C-based biometric sensor, the usage of two chips from Maxim Built-in: the MAX32664 Biometric Sensor Hub and the MAX30101 Pulse Oximetry and Center Charge Module. Whilst the latter does all the sensing, the former is a shockingly small and fast Cortex M4 processor that handles all the algorithmic calculations, digital filtering, power/position repayment, difficult R-wave detection and automatic achieve regulate. We’ve got supplied a Qwiic connector to easily connect with the I2C wisdom lines, alternatively you’ll be able to moreover need to connect with two additional lines. This board is also very small, measuring at 1 in x 0.5 in (25.4 mm x 12.7 mm), as a result of this it is going to fit successfully on your finger without all the bulk.



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Electrical Pastime Screwdriver Set

In stock TOL-15548

This electric passion screwdriver set is excellent for dealing with small screws in a large number of programs.


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This Electrical Pastime Screwdriver Set is excellent for dealing with small screws in a large number of programs, all enclosed in a at hand plastic dressed in case with a magnetic lid. The true magic of this instrument is the extensive bit collection built-in: 55 magnetic H4 hex bits (plus an extension rod)! Additionally built-in is a magnetic undertaking mat to stick the screws you’re taking away organized and prevent them from running away.



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USB Energy Meter (Colour TFT LCD)

In stock TOL-15571

This USB Energy Meter is a versatile instrument that can give voltage, provide, capacity, and impedance displayed on the built-in…


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This USB Energy Meter is a versatile little instrument that can give voltage readings the entire means right down to 0.01V and provide to 0.001A, displayed on the built-in color TFT LCD while your software is connected to a power provide. You can even measure the aptitude and power of battery packs/power banks, along with temperature and cable impedance!

That is it for this week! As at all times, we can’t wait to appear what you make! Shoot us a tweet, or let us know on Instagram or Fb. We’d love to appear what duties you’ve made!

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