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I am trying to play 2k games on steam and every time I start a 2k game I get a…

Looking at a new 2K monitor

I’m confused. 4k is the scale of the horizontal pixel count, 2k is the closest resolution to it, meaning an anamorphic format of 2.40:1 2048x, or 1920x. Or do you mean 2K as a half of 4K, as in 2560×1440 16:9? Because that’s not 2k. Well anyway, 4K (horizontal) on a 1050 Ti is too much, unless you’re planning to play older games, or modern titles on very low quality and low frame rates. 1440p is pushing it, but may play fine depending on the game. the GTX 1050 Ti is really classified as a 1080p GPU IMO. If you know what games you want to play then we can find a few benchmarks. For regular use you can do both. *Smile