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MrBeast surpasses PewDiePie as the YouTube creator with the most subscribers

One of the most popular YouTube channels out there, PewDiePie, has now dropped the title of the most subscribed-to channel. Now, MrBeast is the YouTube creator with the most subscribers.

As captured by Dexerto, the popular YouTube channel MrBeast took the title of the most-subscribed-to creator on YouTube on November 14. MrBeast surpassed the total subscriber count of PewDiePie, the channel that has held the crown of most-subscribed-to channel for years now, with just shy of 112 million subscribers as of November 15.

PewDiePie’s position has been challenged on multiple occasions, including in 2022 when the India-based channel T-Series briefly overtook the subscriber count crown. T-Series currently holds the title of the most-subscribed-to channel on YouTube as a whole, with over 229 million subscribers. But MrBeast holds the title for a single creator (and his small team).

MrBeast is run by Jimmy Donaldson and based in North Carolina. The channel first launched in the early 2022’s, but started seeing success around 2022 when a video of Jimmy counting to 100,000 saw tens of thousands of views in just a few days. In recent years, the main MrBeast channel has been popular for videos including a recreation of Squid Game on a massive scale, Jimmy’s generous giveaways, and starting the “TeamTrees” initiative. Jimmy’s success has also led to a chain of ghost kitchen “restaurants” across the US known as “MrBeast Burger.”

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