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Netflix is Expanding its Preview Club to Include More Subscribers


Months after testing with a small group, Netflix is expanding it’s content preview team to include tens of thousands of subscribers.

The company calls them the Netflix Preview Club, which includes select people who need to watch a Netflix original before it’s official launch and share their feedback. This may help the creator to tune it with necessary changes before launching it more publicly.

Netflix Preview Club

Trying unusual things to better the final product is what some OEMs do to beat their market competition. And Netflix is doing the same in the OTT space, where the platform is experimenting with different ideas to stand out.

While adding games to spur interest among fans is one thing, Netflix is making select users review their native content earlier than others to make it better. As reported by Variety earlier this year, the platform has formed a group of 2,000 subscribers to show their Netflix Originals earlier than the official launch – to get judged.

Once done, they’ll be asked to provide feedback on the content. Netflix noted this as a “simple but incredibly important part of creating best-in-class content for you (users) and Netflix members all around the world.”

Well, after months of testing with a few people, the company is now expanding the group to include tens of thousands of subscribers – reports The Wall Street Journal. Calling this group the “Netflix Preview Club“, the platform will ask these people to review their content before showing it to the wider public.

It claims to have been successful in this approach so far, with the Leonardo DiCaprio/Jennifer Lawrence starrer Don’t Look Up as an example. This movie was reportedly too serious, initially but the creator later added some comedic elements to balance it, based on the feedback from Netflix preview viewers.

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