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Mysterious Intel Core i3-1000NG4 examined in 3-d

Accrued passion

This information is written by way of a customer to the website, and it assessed praise.

Tum of Apisak discovered an enchanting access within the database benchmark 3-d to check Time Spy. The file accommodates details about trying out the machine at the foundation of mysterious Intel Core i3-1000NG4 that may have 2 bodily cores and 4 threads because of HyperThreading generation strengthen. The base clock velocity of the processor, judging by way of the leak, is 1.1 GHz. Received by way of the processor the results of trying out, to position it mildly, isn’t spectacular. The ultimate grade is solely pathetic 317 issues.


Intel already has Intel Core i3 processor-1000G4 of their ranks, as a part of the new circle of relatives of Ice Lake. This chip additionally has at its disposal 2 cores and 4 threads, and has a base clock velocity of 1.1 GHz. 10-nm processor has a TDP of 9 watts and is designed for merchandise focused at low-power cellular computer systems. So, this access within the check Time Spy simply presentations the mistaken title definition processor. But what if the Intel processor has the right kind title? Then it seems that the Intel Core i3 processor-1000NG4 simply waits till the scheduled time for its respectable announcement. A cursory look on the hierarchy of Intel displays that the letter “N” used for marking of processors which can be designed to be put in in netbooks, reminiscent of Intel Atom N2800. Thus, the mysterious processor may also be relatively actual and is a consultant of latest line of processors from Intel.