root | 8chan will get again on-line—and is promptly compelled off once more

Illustration of a sideways 8 that's been broken into pieces.

Enlarge (credit score: Aurich Lawson / Getty)

honorific for youngsters whilst “kun” is typically an honorific for younger adults.)

We had been ready to get entry to the web site this morning however it is offline once more now round mid-day. 8chan administrator Ron Watkins prior to now warned that DDoS assaults and other folks protesting towards 8chan’s re-emergence may just motive issues.

“Not certain how lengthy we will keep on-line with clearnet because of activists seeking to deplatform us, and hackers making ready to ddos us. The tor hidden carrier will have to stay to be had regardless,” Watkins wrote on Twitter Saturday. 8kun was once additionally to be had on Loki, which Watkins described as an experimental choice to Tor.

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