Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Is Activision’s Best-Selling Call Of Duty Title To Date

Every 12 months with out fail, Activision releases a brand new Call of Duty identify. You would suppose that through now, players would get in poor health of the franchise, but when the rest, it kind of feels that players are extra into the sport than ever. This is in step with the most recent figures for the sport during which within the first 3 days of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare happening sale, it has controlled to rack up $600 million in income.

This is spectacular already, however to make it much more spectacular, Modern Warfare is the best-selling Call of Duty identify ever. To come up with some context, Black Ops 4 made $500 million within the first 3 days, WWII made $500 million, Black Ops 3 made $550 million, Black Ops 2 made $500 million, Modern Warfare 3 made $400 million, and Black Ops made $360 million.

Like we stated, you can suppose that players would become bored with the franchise through now, however those numbers are suggesting that players nonetheless love the franchise, extra so than ever. It has additionally been famous that there aren’t many video games that make $600 million within the first 3 days. Other titles that experience earned this honor come with Red Dead Redemption 2 which made $725 million, whilst GTA 5 made $1 billion.

How does this evaluate to different COD launches in first 3 days?

Black Ops 4: $500m
WW2: $500m
IW: Shhh, by no means existed
Black Ops 3: $550m
Advanced Warfare: No quantity for 3 days
Ghosts: No quantity for 3 days
Black Ops 2: $500m (1 day)
MW3: $400m (1 day)
Black Ops: $360m (1 day)

— Daniel Ahmad (@ZhugeEX) October 30, 2019

We consider that Modern Warfare will proceed to rake within the money for Activision all the way through its lifetime. In the period in-between, Call of Duty’s direct competitor Battlefield appears to be taking a wreck, the place the following Battlefield identify will perhaps most effective be arriving between 2021 and 2022.

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