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Whether it is been a Python script working on a Linux field or an ESP8266, abusing the usage of WiFi SSIDs to put across messages is infrequently a brand new trick. But for DerbyCon 2020, [vgrsec] sought after to do put in combination one thing just a little distinctive. Dare we are saying, even helpful. Rather than broadcast out SSID obscenities or memes, this Raspberry Pi created faux WiFi networks that advised everybody what talks had been bobbing up.

The idea this is somewhat easy: there is a textual content document in /boot that comprises the truncated names of the entire talks and workshops within the agenda, one in line with line, and each and every line begins with the time that specific tournament is scheduled for. The script that [vgrsec] wrote opens this article document, searches for the strains starting with the present time, and generates the correct SSIDs. With the selection of tracks being run at DerbyCon, that intended there may well be as many as five SSIDs generated immediately.

Now in principle that might be sufficient to drag off this actual Mod, however there is a drawback. The loss of an RTC at the Raspberry Pi manner it cannot stay time rather well, and the truth that the WiFi adapter can be busy pumping out SSIDs intended the possibilities of it with the ability to connect with the Internet and pull down the present time over NTP were not excellent.

As the device was once nugatory and not using a dependable means of protecting time, [vgrsec] added an Adafruit PiRTC module to the combo. Once the time has been synchronized, the device may then run untethered by way of a USB battery financial institution. We may have put it into an enclosure so it appears rather less suspect, however however, there have been indubitably way more peculiar gadgets than this to be observed at DerbyCon.

Of path, in case you are OK with simply dumping all of the agenda out immediately and letting the consumer sift during the mountain of bogus SSIDs themselves, that is even more straightforward to perform.

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