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Cloned Gate Remote Does It (Slightly) Better

Ever make one thing simply to peer if it is advisable to? Yeah, we idea so. [serverframeworks] sought after to peer if he may clone the far flung that opens his community gate, impressed via the lengthy distance ding-dong-ditch efforts of [Samy Kamkar].

This clone makes use of an ATtiny85 and an RF module to emulate and ship the frequency that the gate is looking forward to. To achieve this, [serverframeworks] had to determine each the working frequency and the timing utilized by the far flung. The crystal inside of looked as if it would point out 295 MHz, and a handy guide a rough take a look at of the software’s FCC registration showed it. Then he used an SDR dongle to observe the knowledge coming throughout when he pressed the button, and ran it via Audacity to determine the timing.

Unfortunately, the 295 MHz crystal is a unprecedented beast, so [serverframeworks] needed to transplant the unique to the donor RF module. Then it used to be only a topic of programming the ATtiny85 to ship the frequency with the correct timing. It in reality does a greater process because the authentic has no timing crystal, and the ‘tiny is clocked with a regular 16 kHz oscillator. The code is to be had inside [serverframeworks]’ very good write-up, and you’ll see a tiny demo after the smash.

There’s greater than one approach to clone a gate far flung. This one leverages MQTT to show pals’ telephones into remotes.