RED Komodo Stormtrooper Arrived at B&H, DR Published, and Firmware 1.2 Beta Released – YMCinema Magazine

The RED Komodo Stormtrooper (ST) has arrived at B&H. This is the primary time you’ll be able to purchase a RED ST white product (beta) by way of a broker. Furthermore, the specifications listing offered on B&H unearths 16 stops of DR. Also, Firmware 1.2 Beta launched with a large number of new sweets. Let’s take a look.

Komodo Stormtrooper

Update: B&H has got rid of the ST Komodo hyperlink from the web site.

Till now, with a purpose to acquire the beta model of the RED Komodo you had to e-mail the corporate’s president, Jarred Land himself. In reality, each and every RED ST product has no longer been to be had to buy by way of a broker. For those that don’t seem to be aware of RED’s jargon, the ST approach ֿ’Stormtrooper’ which can be the primary manufacturing fashions bought through testers. These are white cameras which can be regarded as as beta merchandise. However, in regards to the Komodo, there have been pre-beta (alpha?) coloured cameras. Read this newsletter to be told extra concerning the beta fashions of the Komodos – “Stormtrooper Komodo Is A Go. The Blacks Will be Shipped in September”. Anyway, this the primary time when a RED beta product is being bought through a broker. As mentioned through Jarred: There are nonetheless a few of you that experience emailed already that we will be able to get to in the following couple of days and our manufacturing unit will bring together the rest white beta Komodos to maintain that backorder listing. The final restricted collection of white Komodos we bring together will move to our premier RED sellers”.

Komodo ST on B&H. Screenshot from the B&H web site.

The final restricted collection of white Komodos we bring together will move to our premier RED sellers. 

Jarred Land – RED Digital Cinema president

So there you move. You can preorder the Komodo ST immediately from the B&H web site. If you’re desperate to get this beta product, which may be a $1,000 costlier than the manufacturing (black) fashion, you will have to hurry as this can be a very restricted amount. Also, you’ll be able to look forward to a month or so and order the manufacturing fashion which meant to be extra strong and extra reasonably priced as neatly.

The “Bye Bye Blue” Komodo

Thanks to B&H, we will probe for the primary time the formal specifications of the RED Komodo. Although the listing was once lovely transparent, there may be one fascinating parameter that wasn’t outlined, and I’m speaking concerning the DR (Dynamic Range). Now we all know (consistent with B&H spec listing) that the quantity is 16 stops which is relatively not up to the opposite REDs (16.5 stops). However, that is an marketed worth and we want to see extra assessments confirming that. Other than that there is not any information underneath the solar. In reality, the listing lacks the Komodo’s compression charges and extra features. For the casual listing discover the slide under.

RED Komodo specifications and primary options (Beta firmware – pre-production fashion)

The 1.2 beta firmware replace has simply been launched to coloured fashions. The ST customers gets it within the subsequent two days. The 1.2 beta contains primary growth and contours like SDI overlay, presets, magnifier, and extra. However, crucial one is the brand new REDCODE RAW LQ (Low Quality – upper compression charge) which permits us to double the recording time. In the following firmware updates, RED goes to focal point extra on autofocus. Although customers are reporting that the AF features of the Komodo are lovely first rate, RED needs to make it even sharper and higher, and we predict it to be the primary dish being served within the subsequent releases.