Activity Scheduler with Home windows OLE Excel

(*2*) Hello,

I were given the code block in Perl underneath. I will run by way of Command and get the output consequence.

After I upload a Activity Scheduler by way of my Faraway Desktop gadget and I am not getting any consequence.

I’ve Administrator in this machine and underneath is my atmosphere.

I did some seek and other people mentioned that those 2 folders want to create. I went forward and create if it does not exist, it exists now however the script nonetheless does not output consequence.



I cause the duty handbook and no consequence both. Any one has an answer for this?


use strict;

use warnings;

use Win32::OLE;

use Win32::OLE qwin with;

use Win32::OLE::Const ‘Microsoft Excel’;

my $rand = intrand1000;

my $output_file = “C:JSLtest_”.$rand.”.xls”;

my $EXCEL = Win32::OLE->new”Excel.Application”,”Give up”;

$EXCEL->{“Visual”} = 1;

$EXCEL->{DisplayAlerts}= (*8*);

my $Workbook = $EXCEL -> Workbooks -> Upload;

my $sheet = $Workbook -> Worksheets1;

$sheet->Vary”A1″->{Price} = $rand;

$Workbook -> SaveAs$output_file;

$Workbook -> Save;

$EXCEL->Give up;

my $jmp = Win32::OLE->new’JMP.Application’;

$jmp->{‘Visual’}= 1;

my $dt = $jmp->NewDataTable””;

my $col = $dt->NewColumn”Col1″, 1, (*8*), 8;

$dt->Save”C:JSLtake a look”;

$jmp->Give up;