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The best iPhone 14 cases for iPhone 14, Plus, Pro and Max we’ve found so far

9. Clear Case: Mkeke Clear Case

If you spent an age deciding which color iPhone to choose then you won’t want to hide it away in a case. Luckily there are plenty of clear cases around that will protect your iPhone without concealing the color. 

We’ve tried out the Mkeke clear case with an iPhone 14. You can also get the same case for the rest of the 14-series—and the case of the iPhone 14 is also compatible with the iPhone 13.

The case protects your iPhone thanks to its raised edges that stop the screen coming into contact with the floor. It’s made from polycarbonate that is easy to grip. It’s reinforced around the edges and has with a smooth back that is raised around the camera lenses to protect them. 

While clear, there are a selection of Mkeke cases that comes in a variety of shades including  black and a variegated blue, which nicely compliments our blue iPhone 14. The polycarbonate is anti-yellowing, according to Mkeke. 

You can also get a MagSafe version, which includes the indicators for lining up your iPhone on the charger, however the standard case will still work with a wireless charger, the plastic won’t impede it from charging. However, if you do need to remove the case you will be glad to hear that doing so is really easy because the polycarbonate is flexible. 

Available for iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. Not yet available in the U.K.