The Longer The Fall through Aviva Gat

The Longer The Fall through Aviva Gat
English | 2021 | Thriller & Mystery | ePUB | 285 KB

The scandal may destroy the whole lot.
Meet Madeline Thomas. A worrying mom. A loving spouse. An formidable baby-kisser. A complete fraud?
The clock is ticking on her reelection marketing campaign. A win would lend a hand her pursue her schedule to mend race members of the family in The usa. When she receives a letter containing compromising pictures, she wonders: which of her enemies is making an attempt to take her down?

A scandal will indubitably destroy her profession, and her marriage, whether or not or no longer the allegations are true. She’ll do no matter it takes to prevent the scandal from breaking, although it manner she’ll have to pick out up the items later.
Whilst juggling her kids, her marriage, and her ambitions, Madeline discovers that no one is who they appear to be.
How some distance will Madeline pass to win?

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