This Rest room Piano We could You Create Tune Whilst You Poo

There may be handiest one factor worse than being at the back of anyone in line at Subway that orders greater than one sandwich, and that’s whilst you disregard to convey your telephone into the bathroom when you wish to have to take a unload. Certain, you’ll be able to blank out your pockets, have a look at shampoo bottle labels, or simply sit down on my own together with your darkish ideas. However that’s no amusing, is it? Right here’s an answer: the Potty Piano is an digital keyboard that sits at the flooring and wraps round the bathroom and lets you play it together with your ft whilst sitting at the can.

(*16*)Potty piano.Potty piano.

It even comes with an instruction tune guide which with a bit of luck comes full of songs all about pooping, and can train you all you wish to have to learn about enjoying the keyboard together with your ft that you simply didn’t be informed from the 1988 film Large.


The Potty Piano rest room keyboard is powered by the use of 1 non-standard battery, comprises a speaker within the backside left nook of the software, will are compatible maximum ordinary sized bathrooms, and measures 27.4 inches (70 cm) huge x 16 inches (40 cm) lengthy.

(*16*)Toilet piano.(*7*)(*16*)(*6*)Toilet piano in action.

You’ll be able to get this handy musical tool on Amazon, if you are feeling like spending a few of your hard earned cash on silly stuff.

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