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You Can Now Use Google’s VPN on Your PC

Google logo on phone.

Google’s “One” subscription service not only lets you get more storage space across Google service, but it also gives you access to a VPN. Now, you can use it as a regular VPN client on Windows and macOS computers.

Google One subscribers on a Premium plan (with 2TB or higher) are now able to download VPN apps for their computers, as long as they live in one of the 22 supported countries. Using it, you’re able to conceal your real IP and keep yourself safe online while.

Google One VPN on Windows
Google / The Verge

Google One’s VPN only lets you use an IP from the country you’re currently in — if you’re using it from the United States, you’ll only be able to use a US IP. That’s a bummer, as it essentially means that you can’t use Google’s VPN to spoof yourself into another country and get around geographical blocks in major streaming video services. That’s a common feature in other VPNs, even some free services.

For the same reason, Google’s VPN can’t be used outside of the 22 countries it’s supported in. Since it’s a free perk you can get as long as you’re paying 2TB or more of extra Google space, it’s not bad to have.

Source: The Verge